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Commercial Vinyl

As commercial flooring contractors T W Flooring has over 40 years experience providing Commercial Vinyl to numerous establishments requiring attractive and easy to maintain floor covering.

Commercial vinyl has many benefits for those requiring easy to clean, functional flooring in areas where a high visual impact is key. Available in calming, bright or natural palettes they are a popular choice in schools, healthcare and retail. Whilst they create an attractive environment they are also extremely hard wearing.

For optimum ease of cleaning the additional benefits of a vinyl with PUR coating are considerable. With a polish free maintenance regime the cost saving over a lifetime can be up to 45%. It also has the additional benefit to the environment of using fewer chemicals.

In areas where noise pollution is a factor you can still achieve the benefits of a carpet. Vinyl with acoustic backing is available, or PVC foam backing sheet designed to be fitted beneath the vinyl can be laid.

As with all forward thinking companies our suppliers put sustainability and the environment at the forefront. Commercial vinyl is 100% recyclable and as a company we are committed to supporting Recofloor who recover and recycle end of life vinyl thus diverting from landfill. The manufacture, maintenance and end of life processes make it an environmentally sound choice.

Commercial Vinyl is commonly used in;

  • Nurseries
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Retail
  • Public Areas
  • Doctors Surgeries and Hospitals
  • Commercial Offices and Warehouse

We can offer a wide range of Commercial Vinyl specific to you needs, without compromising on choice or style. As everyone’s requirements are unique our knowledgeable staff will arrange a visit to discuss your needs and advise on the most appropriate and cost effective products. We directly employ all of our staff to ensure a high level of workmanship along with reliable and consistent customer service.

commercial vinyl

commercial vinyl

commercial vinyl

Other product areas:

  • Stair Nosings
  • Sports Flooring
  • ESD Anti Static

Existing contracts in the following sectors:

  • MOD Contract
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Warehouses
  • Care Homes
  • Public Buildings
  • Healthcare